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Fresh Raw Goat's Milk


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Fresh Sweet Raw Goat's Milk. Our milk is ideal for drinking, cooking, making cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir, soap, lotion or feeding to other baby animals.

Goats milk is higher in vitamins & minerals. It is good for people who are lactose intolerant and who suffer from stomach ulcers. It has been purchase to give to baby's who can not drink formula or other milk products.


***Please specify if you need it in a thawed state or frozen.****


CONTAINERS: If milk is being picked up in unfrozen state. You must provide a glass container so we can transfer fresh product to your container at the time of your visit.  Other wise a sterilized plastic container will be provided.


PLEASE NOTE.... Some raw goats milk is stored in a frozen state. Our milk is frozen the same day it is received from our livestock. This is done mainly for you the customer, so you are able to purchase the best quality and no shelf life of your purchase is lost. Our freezing process does not harm the quality. When thawed it is in the same state as is was on the first day it was received from our goats. Our customers who have purchased milk from us over the years state they love our packaging process due to they are able to thaw what they wish to use and there is no spoilage factor to worry about. Just made a batch of cheese with the frozen milk and it is wonderful.

Orders must be done in advance so we can accommodate you, due to supplies are limited due to demand. Please no drop in visitors.

Please email at ( ), call (636-262-4370) to schedule a day you would like to pick up your order and how much you would like to purchase.

~♥~♥~ Pick up only ~♥~♥~


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PLEASE NOTE: Information on these reported benefits is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the advice or attention of heath-care professionals.

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Raw Milk for Healthy Babies and Children

--Some Testimonials


MIRACULOUSLY HEALTHY: I love the stories I hear from our local goat farmer who sold raw goat milk to three generations of country folk. Mothers whose babies were sickly and the doctors couldn't figure out what to do brought their babies to him as a last resort. The babies became "show and tell," all fat and pink. One baby was on its death bed. The doctor said not to give it raw milk when the mother questioned him. They went to the goat farmer anyway. The baby was covered with pussy hives and dying. The farmer gave them the milk, but he was sure that this child was too far gone. When he didn't hear back from the parents, he assumed the baby had died. One month later, they were back for more milk (they had bought a month's supply and froze it) with a different child, or so he thought. Until they told him it was the same child--but miraculously healthy


HAPPY BABY: Our baby was fussy and unhappy on breast milk alone. When we began giving him a supplemental bottle of homemade baby formula based on raw whole milk, he was as happy as he could be.


PURE AND NATURAL GOODNESS: Our daughter was under five pounds at birth and the doctor said she'd be a very small and frail girl. After drinking nothing but raw milk since age one, she is now a picture of health, rarely ever sick. She just went for her four-year check up and the doctor was astonished at her growth and strength! Chalk another one up for the goodness God created! Pure and natural.


THRIVED AND THRIVED: After a year on homemade formula based on raw goat milk, my adopted baby has thrived, thrived, thrived. Thank you for making this information available for mothers of adopted children.


NO MORE ALLERGIES: My son has always been tiny. He was full term, but only weighed just over four pounds at birth. His growth rate had always remained below what it should be. At almost six years, he weighed only 32 pounds. He also had been on four different allergy medications. Two weeks after my finding a source of raw Jersey milk, he no longer needed any medicine. When I took him to the pediatrician, she wanted to know what I had done because he had gained four pounds and grown about one-and-one-half inches in a month.


INCREDIBLE GIFT: I want to acknowledge you for the incredible gift of life the Foundation is giving with your activism for raw milk. It has made an enormous positive change in our lives. My children were literally dying of giardia infection, with continual vomiting and diarrhea. Modern medicine had nothing to offer us. My kids had always reacted to goat's milk. However, on a visit to a farm, they consumed very large quantities of goat milk fresh from the goat before I realized what they were doing. That was the turning point; today they are healthy and strong thanks to raw dairy products. Thank you for making a difference in so many people's lives.


ONCE STARVING: My breast-fed baby was starving so I switched to baby formula made with whole raw milk. Not only did he make it to his first year, he is thriving. In fact, when my other children get sick, he does not.


SPECTACULAR RESULTS: With our first child we had every intention of breast-feeding her but through a series of bad nurses, the difficulty of nursing, fatigue of my wife and the stubbornness of my daughter to not breastfeed, we had to find an alternative. Lucky for us we had a good source of raw milk and the recipe for an alternative formula. The results were spectacular, bordering on unbelievable. She was never sick, slept through the night starting at about eight weeks, ate well and had a happy disposition.

~♥~♥~ Pick up only ~♥~♥~



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